The Greek Yachting Guide is for Yachting professionals and visitors who charter a boat to visit various coastal and island areas throughout Greece.

Mact Media Group publishes the Greek Yachting Guide after years of experience in publishing and organizing the Yachting Festival Athens.

The company gathers the business data of the companies then contacts the professionals, informs them of the issue and asks for their approval for the free viewing of their data.

The company bears no responsibility for the validity of the information provided by the professionals and has no power to control their legal operation. The promotional material and trademarks used in the advertisements of the displaying clients constitute their own intellectual property from which they have obtained the relevant license and therefore the responsibility for their correctness and legality rests with them. All free directory listings are provided at the sole discretion of the Greek Yachting Guide.

The categories are selected to clearly describe the scope of services. The Greek Yachting Guide has made every effort to verify the map data and where this is not possible the Greek Yachting Guide bears no responsibility for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors. He created the Maps section to provide only general information. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to verify the information before using it, and you agree not to use the maps for navigation.

The Greek Yachting Guide is a registered trademark.