The Greek Yachting Guide the only directory for Greek Yachting offers you promotion of your products and services online and in print.

It is an exclusively professional search engine in the Yachting industry that makes it easy for the user to quickly and immediately find what he is looking for, without being confused with unnecessary information.

Available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

It receives thousands of visits daily while maintaining heavily visited.

It ranks high in search engines (eg Google) for business categories.

The site shows free to all customers who have signed up for the printed version of the Greek Yachting Guide

The printed guide will be available in large numbers.

Yachting Businesses (suppliers of boat building materials and repairs, boat builders and boat work)

All Yachting companies have the opportunity to advertise in the Greek Yachting Guide and present their services and products.

It enables all professionals and businesses that do not have a website to advertise online.

It enables professionals to have their own personal website.

Take advantage of the large number of copies to promote and promote your business.

You will inform your potential customers about your business activities and products.

Travel Agencies – Chartering and Yacht Sale Companies

Advertise your travel company and its holiday packages.

Advertise the travel company and booking websites dealing with chartering and boat sales through the guide.

Inform the interested about the services available to your chartering and selling yachts.

Show boats for charter or for sale through the guide and the website.

Destination Greece (Regions, Municipalities, Greek Ports, Dining Areas, Entertainment places)

The Greek Yachting Guide aims to inform all travelers who want to travel to Greece by chartering a boat.

Provides exclusive information from the Regions, Municipalities and Ports of Greece on the possibilities the visitor has in the area he wants to visit such as marina information, places to visit with the boat, supplier information, fuel supplies etc. important archaeological and historical sites as well as dining and entertainment venues.

Local Agencies of each area have the opportunity to present their area through the pages of the Greek Yachting Guide.

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Distributions Map

35,000 copies of Greek Yachting Guide are distributed directly to boat owners and marinas.

They are distributed in all exhibitions in Greece and abroad , at all EOT offices abroad,

to all yachting companies in Greece, on every yacht in the country .

It will be distributed to all Yachting charter companies and travel agencies. The printed guide will be found in all yachts in Greece. 

Thousands of copies are delivered manually to chartering companies.