Welcome to Actium – Vonitsa!

Beautiful town built at the entrance of Amvrakikos Gulf, 114 km from Messolonghi. The stretches of sandy beaches combined with its lush vegetation, its sights and historical monuments have made it one of the most popular areas of Aitoloakarnania.
It is worth visiting the ruins of the medieval castle, at the top of the hill and the Byzantine chapel of the 12th century Sophia, located in its enclosure, the churches of Panagia, Agios Antonios and Agios Spyridonas, with beautiful and beautiful paintings the Archaeological Museum in Thyri village where you will find findings from the Classical and Roman period and the ruins of ancient temples and walls at the location of Saint Peter. At a distance of 13 km from Bonitsa, in the village of Monastiraki, there are the famous Korpi springs, famous for their water.
For swimming you will go to the beaches around Bonitsa and a little further, to Sotira and Panagia. From Bonitsa you can take an excursion to Lake Bulkania, near the village of Agios Nikolaos (10 km southwest), at the bottom of which is a whole town. There is also Cleopatra’s Avlaki, where it is said that the fleet of the Egyptian queen for the battle of Actios, passed on 31 BC. between Octavius ​​and Mark Anthony. Near Agios Nikolaos is Aktio, where there is a ferry that connects Agios Nikolaos with neighboring Preveza by ferry, in just five minutes. It is worth visiting the Venetian castle and its archaeological site. The festival is held on July 27, at the feast of Saint Panteleimon.

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