Welcome to Aegiale!

Idyllic town and the second port of the island, with great tourist traffic. It consists of three traditional villages, Lagada, Tholaria and Potamos and is located 17 km northeast of Chora. It is worth visiting the Aegiali Citadel on the Vigla hill, the rock-hewn church of the Holy Trinity and the church of Panohoriani.
You will swim in Psili Ammos, the central beach of Aigiali, considered to be the most beautiful on the island. The beaches of Levrosos and Chochlakas with the picturesque church of Panagia Nikouriani are within a short distance and the beach of Tholaria village is 4 km away.

Picturesque hotels, boarding houses and rooms to let in traditional style in Tholaria, Potamos and Ormos Aigialis will cover your stay. Camping is also available.

On July 1st, at the Feast of the Holy Annunciation, there is a great festival and feast with traditional instruments.

   (+30) 228 536 0201
Health centres
   (+30) 228 507 3222
Port Authority
   (+30) 228 507 3620
Fire Department
Police Station
   (+30) 228 507 1210