By developing a strong interest and a consistent know-how on yachting through the years of our experience, AF Yachting has become more than just a venture. It is a company with people who love yachts and sailing boats, the sea and all, as well as everything that has to do with maritime travelling, from basic knowledge to all the small details that make a difference.

We are not just here to offer you the best possible services, chartering and technical support with regard to yachting, but also to be present at all times, assisting your with everything you need.

Sailing can now become a lifetime experience and this is exactly what we can help you with: to make that experience yours and share it with all your clients and partners.

What we offer

Our priority is to offer you the best possible yacht charters, as well as yacht sale options that may appeal to many as best chances to acquire a boat of their own. Feel free to look through our website and find out a really wide array of possibilities and choices.

Our aim is to be a reference when it comes to yacht charters, and this is why we are truly looking forward to develop a personal relationship with all our customers. Evidently, this is the only way all needs and requirements may be satisfied and this is why we are keen on getting closer to your true desires when it comes to yachting.

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