Welcome to Agios Nikolaos!

Picturesque city, built on the edge of a peninsula on the bay of Mirabello. Everyday life and its tourist activity revolve around Lake Boulismeni and the eastern part of the city where the small municipal beach is located. Lake Boulismeni or Apatos is associated with many legends of the area and until the 19th century. locals believed it had no bottom – in fact it was 64 meters deep. In 1870, the small canal was opened that connected it with the sea and turned it into a picturesque, windless harbor for yachts and small boats – from there they start daily in the summer to visit the neighboring fortress of Spinalonga and the cosmic Elounda.
The Municipality took care to make use of the lake by making a path that climbs to the west of its hillside and downhill again. The lake plays a major role in most of the city’s events: Time changes with two boats – one departing symbolically and the other coming and handing out presents to children – while Judas’ Resurrection and Burning take place at its center.
It is worth visiting the Archaeological Museum, with important findings from archaeological sites in eastern Crete, the Folklore Museum, on the ground floor of the Port Authority, where you will find costumes, woodcuts, embroidery, textiles and a small collection of Byzantine icons and Byzantine icons. , which gave its name to the city and inside it are preserved remarkable 9th century frescoes.
In Agios Nikolaos you will swim in the organized municipal beach and in the small port under the Kitroplateia. Leaving the city you will find Amoudara, a landscaped beach with the Blue Flag of the EU. The road continues along the coast, while a series of creeks – almost all sand-colored and awarded the Blue Flag – adorn the coast either to Sitia or Elounda. If you are in Saint Nicholas July, you will have the opportunity to attend Lato cultural events.

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