Welcome to Aidipsos!

It is one of the oldest and most organized spas in Greece with a wonderful natural environment, at the foot of Mount Telethrio. Its sources have been known since antiquity and specifically in the time of Aristotle and its baths were famous for their healing properties. The municipal parks and the forest recreation area in the area of ​​Agios Fos are offered for walks, while for the little visitors there are organized playgrounds.
For the sea baths, except the municipal beach where the gushing thermal waters join the sea, the whole coast of Edipsos to Agios Nikolaos is suitable, with a few exceptions. At a distance of 3 km from the spa town is the sandy beach of Agios Nikolaos with restaurants, taverns and entertainment centers.
The asphalt road continues to the villages of Lichada, Gialtra, Agios Georgios and Gregolimano with beautiful beaches. It is also worth visiting the village of Gourgousitsa. From Edipsos you can visit Agiokampos, a village with a beautiful sandy beach and a picturesque port that is connected to Fthiotida.
They belong to the category of alipiges, due to their high content of sodium chloride and have a temperature of 34 to 71.2 degrees Celsius. The waters have a beneficial effect on diseases such as rheumatism, deforming arthritis, spondyloarthritis, neuritis, sciatica, back pain, post-traumatic compliance, ankle sprains and gynecological diseases. EOT has built a modern spa complex with many possibilities, upgrading Edipsos to a spa center of international scale.

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