Welcome to Alexandroupoli!

The capital of the prefecture and the most important port of Thrace, about 15 km from the Greek-Turkish border. It is 850 km from Athens and 343 km from Thessaloniki. Until 1919, when it was finally liberated, the city was called Dedeagac (monk’s tree). According to Plutarch, there was a city that Alexander the Great founded on the same site as today’s capital.
The modern city was founded in 1878 and was built on the designs of Russian engineers found in the area during the post-Turkish war. It took its present name in honor of King Alexander when he visited the city after its liberation in 1920, which is celebrated with the “Freedoms”, cultural events that take place every year on May 8-15.

It is a large, modern city with many young people, since there is the Democritus University of Thrace, vibrant and night life that satisfies every wish. At the entrance to the harbor is dominated by the lighthouse, a symbol of Alexandroupolis, built in 1880. On your walks in the city you will see the ruins of two Muslim mosques, the small church of St. Eleftherios and old mansions, whose architectural and European elements combine.

It is worth visiting the amphitheater of the municipal garden, where concerts are given, the old Town Hall which houses a small Archaeological Collection with findings from the sanctuary of Demetra in Mesemvria, and blueprints of the monuments of Samothrace, the Archaeological Collection of the Mecklace Museum the Museum of Flora and Fauna, the Historical-Folklore Museum of the Association of Archaeophiles and the private Folklore Collection of Ms. Angela Giannakidou, with objects from all over Thrace. Also, the open air sanctuary of ancient Thrace, near the village of Kirki (14 km northwest).

You will swim in the beach of the coastal suburb of New Chile, where you will also find many hotel units.

If you are in Alexandroupolis in summer, do not miss the Wine Festival, which runs from July 1st until August 15th.

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