Welcome to Alonnisos!

Built on the slope of the mountain above the harbor, with houses descending from the top of the hill forming a tight wall, there is Hora, Old Town or Lyardomia as locals call it. After the devastating earthquake of 1965, most residents abandoned it. They sold their homes to strangers who repaired them and stayed here, many of them permanently.
At the top of the hill you will see the densely built houses that form the medieval wall. At the entrance are the threshing floors for cereals, while here you should visit the administration building during the Venetian and Turkish occupations. Also, visit the churches of Christos, Agios Athanasios and Agios Georgios. The view from Chora is unique and the village has been preserved.
In recent years it has been a tourist attraction as many shops and picturesque taverns have opened to attract visitors. In 1978 the capital was transferred to Patitiri, which is today the port of the island and owes its name to the grape presses that existed here.
In the islet opposite the beach of Kokkinokastro, in Kokkinonisi or Rock, tools and fossils of the Paleolithic Age have been found and are considered to be the oldest traces of life in the Aegean. Kokkinokastro got its name from the hill with the red soil, while the fortress is Venetian.
Visit the Monastery of Analipsi in Gerakas – you will reach the sea by boat – the monastery of Agioi Anargiri, 5 km from Chora, the Folklore Museum with exhibits of the island’s history and tradition, housed in a stone building on the left side of the harbor, and the Academy of Homeopathy, located in Saint Andrew and is the seat of the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy.
The first 15 days of May are the “Kalogiannia” – athletics games and dances by students in local costumes – dedicated to the benefactor of the island living in America, Anastasios Kalogiannis. You will swim in Patitiri and the nearby beaches of Pousoum Gialos, Platsoukia and Golden Mill, the most popular and perhaps most beautiful beach on the island.
You will find beautiful sandy beaches in Georgios Gialos but also in Kokkinokastro, in White Gialos due to its name on the white sandy beach of the picturesque bay, in Agios Dimitrios, pebbly beach, where there are traces of ruins of an unknown ancient city, in Marpos with sand and cliffs, three kilometers from Patitiri and finally to Megalo Mourtia, with its clean beach and beautiful taverns.

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