Welcome to Andros!

An alloy of Cycladic and neoclassical architecture, built on a hill 34 km southeast of Gavrio, the island’s port. It is characterized by the old town, the medieval Venetian houses, the ruins of the Venetian castle (13th century), the beautiful square with the statue of Nafani above the sea, the ouzo and the pastry shops with the most delicious sweets. A picturesque stone bridge (13th century) leads the visitor to the ruins of the Venetian castle (13th century). It is worth visiting the remarkable museums and churches of the city.
You will swim in the organized beaches of Niborio and Paraporti, the splendid sandy beach of Achlo, Gialia and Piso Gialia. The nightlife in Chora is intense during the summer months, with plenty of bars for every music taste. Also, there is a summer cinema.
During the summer, cultural events and important fairs are organized. On the 15th of August, at the feast of the Virgin Mary, there is a great feast of dance and music, with local food “fruit” and souda.

   (+30) 228 202 2275
Health centres
   (+30) 228 202 3333 / 3703
Port Authority
   (+30) 228 202 2250
Fire Department
   (+30) 228 204 2199
Police Station
   (+30) 228 202 2300