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Olympia is today a village with high tourist activity, located near the archaeological site, 19 km east of Pyrgos. Olympia’s archaeological site – one of the most important in the world – is set in a fertile valley, overlooking the lush slopes of the Cronus hill and the river Alfio. The landscape, with its peaceful atmosphere, reflects the Olympic idea of ​​noble emulation and reconciliation.
Most of the archaeological site is occupied by the sacred grove of Alteos, where the most important buildings of Olympia were located, and among them the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Southwest of the Temple of Zeus, outside the sacred site of Alteos, is the Bouleuterion, the seat of the Olympic House where the athletes gave the Olympic vow.
From the Leonidio, which hosted the official guests of the games, only the foundations are preserved. North of Leonidio you will find a three-aisled Early Christian Basilica, built on the foundations of the Phidias’ workshop, ruins of buildings, baths and more. Also, the palaestra (3rd century BC) and the gymnasium, places where athletes practiced.
The Archaeological Museum of Olympia is considered one of the most important in the world. Notable exhibits include the sculptures that adorned the two pediments and the metopes of the temple of Zeus, brilliant examples of ancient Greek sculpture, and even from the time of its greatest prosperity. Also, the clay cluster of Zeus with Ganymede, the famous statue of Hermes delivering the infant Dionysus to the nymphs, Praxitelus’ original work and the statue of Nike the Fallen, descending from heaven, one of the most beloved , a tribute to the Messenians and Nafpaktians (421 BC). Finally, objects presented to Jupiter by the city-states are shown in gratitude for their victories, such as tripod boilers, armor, helmets, shields, utensils, and more.
The Olympia Museum operates in Olympia with all the history of the Games, souvenirs of their most recent history and the unique collection of stamps with the same theme. There is also the International Olympic Academy. Simple description

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