Welcome to Arta!

The capital of the prefecture, known for its famous bridge, its orange groves and olive groves, connects with Athens via the Pio-Antirrio National Road and is 370 km from it, while 444 km from Thessaloniki. Its important classics and Byzantine monuments, its magnificent mountainous area and the amazing natural value and beauty of the Ambrakian Gulf are the factors that attract the visitor.
Arriving at Arta, the entrance welcomes you to the legendary bridge of Arta – known for its unique architecture – which, according to tradition, had to be sacrificed by the master to sacrifice his beloved wife by “building” it on arches. Its history dates back to the pre-Roman era, perhaps from the Pyrrhus era – this is apparently Pliny. During the long life of Arta’s bridge, repairs and additions were made, the last one in 1612. Six theatrical plays, many folklore studies and two operas were written for this bridge and its legend. On its left bank is the historical plane tree, on which branches Ali Pasha was hanged by Christians. Enjoy a walk in the woods on Ai-Lias hill and relax in the tourist booth of the Municipality.
From the town of Arta, you will embark on a trek to explore the prefecture, as well as the Amvrakikos Bay, which hosts rare species of flora and fauna, in a climate of amazing serenity and harmony. Do not miss to visit the Folklore and Historical Museum of Arta of the Skoufas Association where exhibits from the everyday life of the inhabitants: handicrafts, various utensils and objects. To swim you will need to travel 20-25 km of good road to reach the beaches of Menidi and Koronia.
On the last Sunday of June, the anniversary of the city’s liberation, a big celebration is held. You will find hotels in the city and rooms to let in Kommeno and Aneza.

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