Welcome to Aspropyrgos!

Aspropyrgos consists of a residential downtown area and an industrial area where a number of storage warehouses, metal recycling facilities, logistics handlers, wholesalers, small construction companies and other industrial businesses operate. The Aspropyrgos Refinery, south of the city and next to the sea, has been producing oil for many years. It is the largest in Greece (together with the Eleusis refinery), with an annual capacity of 135,000 bbl/d (21,500 m3/d). As a consequence, pollution has been a problem for years. The refinery includes depots in the southern and eastern parts, and some in the western part and at a dock to the southwest.

   (+30) 213 200 6409 / 6410
Health centres
   (+30) 210 557 2811 / 7235
Port Authority
   (+30) 210 557 3247
Fire Department
   (+30) 210 559 3824
Police Station
   (+30) 210 558 2074