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Abdera is a municipality in the Xanthi Prefecture of Thrace, Greece. In classical antiquity, it was a major Greek polis on the Thracian coast.

The ancient polis is to be distinguished from the municipality, which was named in its honor. The polis lay 17 km east-northeast of the mouth of the Nestos River, almost directly opposite the island of Thasos. It was a colony placed in previously unsettled Thracian territory, not then a part of Hellas, during the age of Greek colonization. The city that developed from it became of major importance in ancient Greece. After the 4th century ad it declined, contracted to its acropolis, and was abandoned, never to be reoccupied except by archaeologists.

Meanwhile, life went on as the changing population settled in other communities in the region. One named Polystylus changed its name to Abdera. In 2011 the municipality of Abdera was synoecized from three previous municipalities comprising a number of modern settlements. The ancient site remains in it as a ruin. The municipality of Abdera has 19,005 inhabitants (2011). The seat of the municipality is the town Genisea.

   (+30) 254 135 2550
Health centres
   (+30) 254 105 1204, 254 104 7100
Port Authority
   (+30) 254 109 6666, 254 105 1520
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Police Station
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