Welcome to Chalkida!

It is the capital of the island and lies at the narrowest point of the Euboean (Euripos Stream). A tourist magnet and natural attraction of the city is the strong tidal current of the train, which changes direction every six hours, depending on the phases of the moon. For swimming, there is the organized beach “Asteria”, while 22 km around the city you will find many beaches: Liani Ammos, Kourenti, Souvala, Sykies, Vourkos, Delta Gorge. There are also two yacht refueling stations.
Continuing on we reach Bourtzi (8 km from Chalkida), a beach with holiday centers and fish taverns, while in the same distance is Artaki, with many centers, restaurants, taverns and hotels. Another resort on the island is Lefkandi (8 km southeast of Chalkis). Along with the neighboring villages of Vasiliko and Fili, it is located in the historic Evia Valley, Lilantio Field.
-The fortress of Karababa, built in the 17th century. on the hill of Kanithos, to admire the panorama of Chalkis.
-The Roman aqueduct with stone arches in place of ancient Chalkis.
-The Byzantine Basilica of Agia Paraskevi, which is the patron saint of Chalkis. It is said to have been founded by Emperor Justinian at the site of the ancient sanctuary of Artemis.
-The Folklore Museum with remarkable exhibits (costumes, tools, decorations, etc.). It is housed in the only part of the medieval fortification of the city. which is still preserved.
-The Municipal Art Gallery, the Public Library, the Historical Archives and the Museum of the Friends of Scariba.
-The church of Agios Nikolaos byzantine style with remarkable hagiographies.
-The Cultural Center of Chalkis founded by the couple Mytaras.
-The industrial buildings in the area of ​​Agios Stefanos, representative samples of industrial architecture of the 20th century.
-Kasteli, a Venetian medieval castle, in Leaves, where traces of an ancient citadel have been found. It is worth climbing to admire the view.
-The house and bust of 1821 fighter Andrea Miaoulis, also in Leaves, behind the chapel of Our Lady.

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