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Mani is a historical area of ​​the Peloponnese that extends to the Taygetos Peninsula.

Geographically the main Mani or Mesa Mani, as it is locally called, is defined by the neck of Taygetos Saya and ends at Cape Tainaro. Mesa Mani is distinguished by the longitudinal ridge in the East Mani or the coastal Mani, facing the Laconic Gulf and the West Mani or the oak or shady Mani, facing the Messinian Gulf. North of West Mani, that is, from the area of ​​Kardamili, is the Messinian Mani, or as it is locally called Exo Mani. This division is also evident in the adjectives of the inhabitants, where the Laconian Mani end in -acas and the Messinian Mani in -aas.

The region of Mani includes the formerly provinces of Gythio and Itilo in Laconia. Its total area reaches 1800 sq. Km. over a total length of 75 km and a maximum width of 28 km ending at Cape Tainaros, with the spine of Mount Taygetos and the highest peak being Prophet Elias (2,404 m). Its total population in 1961 reached 20,300 inhabitants, living in about 150 settlements.

Today, following the administrative reorganization of Kallikratis (2011), the region of Mani consists of the municipalities of West Mani, based in Kardamyli, and Eastern Mani, based in Gythio and historical headquarters in Areopolis.

The municipality of West Mani belongs to the PE Messinia (former Messinia prefecture) and emerged from the merger of the (capodistrian) Messinian municipalities of Lefktro and Abia. The municipality of East Mani belongs to the PE Laconia (formerly Laconia Prefecture) and resulted from the merger of the Laconian municipalities of Sminos, Gythio, Itilo and East Mani.

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