Welcome to Elafonisos!

Exotic – with its endless beaches with dunes and cedars – and traditional – with its island color – provokes its fanatics at the southeast end of the Laconian Gulf. One of the most beautiful beaches is in Simos, with its emerald waters and endless golden sand. The beach in August is filled with thousands of clumps of white sea lilies, which create a fairytale image.
Elafonissos is located at the southeastern tip of the Peloponnese and is just 570 meters from the opposite Peloponnesian coast of Punta.
The island lies in front of the Vatican Bay. According to the findings of archaeological excavations it has been inhabited since ancient times. Its present name, Elafonissos owes it to the rich hunting that existed in the area from antiquity to modern times, as Pausanias also mentions many of the ancient sanctuaries of Goddess Artemis in the area, and more specifically the reason for the deer crowd. red (CERVI).
It is worth visiting the prehistoric tombs found in the area of ​​Punta and the submerged state of Pavlopetri, as well as the untouched cave with its rich and impressive stalactites and stalagmites.
You will swim in the beautiful beaches of Lefki, Punta, Kalogira, Panagitsa etc.
The island is a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists, culminating in the months of July and August.

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