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The ancient city, the sanctuary of Asklepios, the famous theater of Polyclitis and the small theater are the ornaments of the land of Epidaurus, a lush, fertile valley with rich history. Ancient Epidaurus, Palaia, Nea and Lygourio (Asklepieion) are villages that are connected not only by topography, but mainly by their ancient and modern history.
The seaside settlement of Ancient Epidaurus is 39 km from Nafplio and is a municipality. The theater and the archaeological site are within a wooded area and are 29 km from Nafplio.
Worth a visit is the Archaeological Museum of Epidaurus, the Temple of Asklepios (4th century BC), the great theater (4th century) on the site of Asklepius – the largest sanctuary of ancient Epidaurus – built on the slope of Mount Kortorion. by the architect Polykleitos. It is the most famous and well-preserved theater in Greece (with a capacity of about 13,000 seats), renowned worldwide for its perfect acoustics. You will also see the small theater of ancient Epidaurus (with a capacity of 2,000 seats) dedicated to Dionysus. Since 1996 there have been performances of classical music. East of Asklepieion, lies the monastery of Kalamiou (1616) with impressive hagiography in its small katholikon where a landmark inscription is preserved.
There are no accommodation and shops in the area of ​​Ancient Epidaurus. You will stay in Lygourio, Old and New Epidaurus.
Don’t miss the Agrotourism festival, which takes place every year, with Epidaurus products.
The neighboring New Epidaurus is a Mediterranean village, rich in natural beauty thanks to its geographical location, protected behind cliffs. It was built at the end of 1821 and became known by the 1st National Assembly of the Greeks, which is reminded of the commemorative column erected in the central square.

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