Welcome to Eretria!

The seaside town with its beautiful coastline and glorious past will fascinate you from the first moment. It is 94 kilometers from Athens and has experienced great tourist development and has a remarkable infrastructure. Characteristic of its landscape are the small islands that surround its bay and the “Island of Dreams”, which joins a picturesque bridge with the city.
Do not miss the ancient city with the temple of Isis, the ruins of the wall of the ancient Acropolis, the temples of Dionysus and Demetra, etc., the tower of the Kanaris family on the beach and the Archaeological Museum from Eretria, Lefkandi, Amarynthos and Magoula. You can swim in the neighboring beaches of Malakonta, Magoula and Amarynthos, besides the city beach. In Eretria there is organized camping.
Attractions – Museums
-The hill Paleichoria, in Amarynthos, hovering over the sea with its Byzantine churches. On the hill lies ancient Amarynthos.
-The Virgin Mary of Aliveri, a church with frescoes of the 6th c. of the Justinian era. All the saints’ eyes in the frescoes have been destroyed by the Turks.
-The Byzantine church of the Assumption, in Aliveri, built in 1393 AD, with built-in ancient marble sculptures, ancient tombstones and frescoes.
-The Cathedral of St. George, in Aliveri, of royal style, with Renaissance frescoes inside. In the courtyard of the Metropolis is the church of Saint Nicholas with frescoes of 1700 AD.
-The Venetian fortress of Kastelo Possos of the 13th-15th centuries. with wonderful views of Karystos.
-Bourtzi, a small Venetian fort at the south end of Karystos, built between 1200 and 1300.
-The Byzantine churches of Agios Nikolaos, Agia Anna and the Assumption of the Theotokos of the 13th and 14th centuries, in Oxylithus.
-The Virgin Mary of Liaouchanissa of Kimi, in her southeastern district of the same name, with the miraculous image of Virgin Mary. The building does not belong to any Christian Art rhythm.
-In 1891-1892, the Caimans invited the best sculptors of Greece to construct the Temple of the Temple, under the guidance of the famous creator of “The Red”, Ioannis Chalepas.

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