Welcome to Faistos!

The Municipality of Phaistos, a municipality in the region of Crete, is a union of the three former Kapodistrian municipalities of Zaros, Tympaki and Moiras, with rich cultural reserves, great history, important agricultural production and great monuments. The headquarters of the municipality of Faistos is located in Mires, while its historic seat is designated Tympaki. Located and administratively owned by the Region of Crete.

It is located in South Central Crete, South West in Heraklion Prefecture. Focusing on the palace of Phaistos that dominates the area, the municipality covers 412.74 square kilometers and has a population of 24,360.

The wider area of ​​Phaistos Municipality hosts, of particular value, natural wildlife and flora, while presenting extremely interesting anthropogenic and cultural elements over time that cover traces of installations from the Late Minoan period to the present. These natural and cultural amenities form the basis for a balanced and sustainable development of the site in combination with the exploitation of the region’s traditional productive activities.

The main occupation of the inhabitants of Phaistos is agriculture, livestock and tourism. The products of the municipality are exported to various countries around the world and many of them have received top international awards for their quality and prestige.

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Health centres
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Port Authority
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