Welcome to Fourni Korseon!

A place that conquers you with its simplicity …
They settle in the arms of the northeast Aegean. Small paradises where life runs smoothly. So is the holiday. The Bakeries are just waiting for you to discover them …
Between Ikaria and Samos, you will be greeted by a cluster of small islands consisting of Fourni, Thimena and Agios Minas, ideal destinations for those seeking tranquility, relaxation and peaceful vacations along with but nine smaller islet habitats.
The largest island in the cluster, Fournoi, welcomes every year visitors who want to enjoy a different way of vacation and escape from the usual vacations at high rates.
In Vournoi, along with the tranquility, you will enjoy the special hospitality of the residents, who with their simplicity will conquer you. It is enough to cross the village square with the huge plane trees, sit in the traditional cafes and chat with them. They will give you a first glimpse of their place and you just follow their directions to plan your trip to the three islands and enjoy paradise-like images.
The capital of the island, built amphitheatrically overlooking the beautiful blue natural bay and harbor of the island, is unfolded along with a cluster of narrow streets that host right and left old houses of traditional architecture. Whitewashed yards and pots with geraniums and other fragrant flowers you will come across as you cross the streets while heading up the square, crossing the incomparable alley of the island, the road with the mulberries spreading like green sea along it. At the edge of the village visit the windmills in an area of ​​almond trees, myrtles and prickly pears. In the settlement there are many newly built units for renting rooms next to the sea and others a little further away, which are fully equipped.
Also in Fourni is the settlement of Chrysomilia with picturesque beaches where you will find some rooms for your stay, as well as other smaller settlements with lovely beaches, such as Kambi, Kamari, Ai-Giannis, Bali and others. .a.
In the evenings relax in the traditional cafes with ouzo and roasted octopus enjoying the sunset. In the taverns of the island you will find fresh fish and the only lobster macaroni. Fishing is one of the main occupations of the island’s inhabitants, which has one of the most remarkable fishing fleets in the Northeast Aegean.
The beauty of the natural landscape, almost untouched and unspoiled, is an incentive for walking and hiking inland. Impressive are the many bays between the hugs of the rocks and the lacy beaches with sand or pebbles where you can enjoy your swim. The most popular beach is Chrysomilia. Other beaches worth visiting are Psili Ammos, Kabi, Eliaki, Kassidi, Kalamos, Ayios Ioannis and Vlychada, which you will reach by boat.
Do not forget to take a boat ride to the island of Thimena with the picturesque fishing harbor and the uninhabited island of Agios Minas for diving on its beautiful beaches. Enjoy nights at the island’s bars as well as at festivals and local festivals that take place in the summer. More specifically, on July 17th, the feast of Agia Marina, there is a festival on the island’s square with live music and traditional food such as the red-headed goat. The last weekend of July organizes the feast of fish with plenty of Samoan wine, fresh, local fish offered to attendees and live music. The biggest festival takes place on the 15th of August, at the port of the island with traditional dances and celebrations until the morning while in summer it closes with the feast of ‘Ai-Giannis the Heater or Decapitator’ on 28 August.
Excursions & Attractions
Know the secrets of the sea by fishing either by boat or snorkeling in its deep blue waters.
Walking and hiking to the beautiful beaches of the island.
Boat around the island to find its most remote beaches.
Visit the ruins of the ancient quarry in Petrokopios area. There, one meets in complete harmony with nature and the rest of the landscape of columnar vertebrae and an archaic Ionic capital of 2.20 x 1.20 m.
Walking up to St. George’s Hill with the chapel of the same name where the Acropolis of the island used to be and where huge Cyclopean Wall survives with chipped stones and several inscriptions.
In Kamari, a dive in the sea bottom will reveal the ruins of the old submerged state, while the ruins of an ancient temple on which the church of Aghios Taxiarchis was built can be seen on land.
How to get there
By boat from Saint Kyrikos of Ikaria, from where there is Mr

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