Welcome to Hersonissos!

One of the most touristy and cosmopolitan places in Crete, located 26 km east of Heraklion. Large and luxurious hotels, tourist shops, bars and cafes are lively in the area. The nightlife is very intense and the fun lasts until the morning.
Hersonissos is known as the most organized tourist destination in Crete. It is renowned for its high quality hotel facilities, conference facilities and the natural beauty of the coastal area. Beautiful beaches, nightlife and mass tourism, however, are only one facet of the “Hersonissos” coin. The other side, the lesser known, is its rich and untouched hinterland, scattered with historical monuments and landscapes of unspoiled beauty.
The peninsula of Hersonissos is located on the western edge of the Gulf of Malia, forming two winding bays with magnificent sandy beaches. West of the village there was in ancient times the city of Hersonissos, the seaport of ancient Lyttos. To the south is the homonymous modern village, which – unlike the port – is quiet and picturesque.
Visit the Lychnostatis Folklore Museum, a magnificent open-air museum that faithfully depicts life in Crete as it was decades ago, and the Peninsula Waterfront Amusement Park, with swimming pools, water slides and slides.
The natural paths of the Municipality of Hersonissos are also paths in time, in the rich history of a blessed place. From its southern end, the mountainous Kera on the outskirts of the Lassithi Plateau, to its northern boundary, the Port, with its Roman and Byzantine antiquities, the wider peninsula will reward its visitor with rich, tasteful images traditional Cretan hospitality.
Discover the invisible side of Hersonissos … Make sure you have time to enjoy your choices …

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