Welcome to Hydra!

With its characteristic architecture and the intense color of the maritime tradition, the port of Hydra attracts the visitor at first glance.
Paved narrow streets, old mansions and courtyards full of colorful flowers are the image of a preserved settlement where cars are banned. Transportation of people and products is by donkeys, boats and water taxis.
If you have a boat, you will land at the port of the island, which is small and very busy, especially during the summer weekends.
A variety of prices and amenities can be found in hotels and guest rooms.
Hydra nightlife will satisfy even the most demanding visitor. If you are in Hydra on Easter days you will be enchanted by the epitaph round on Good Friday night.

   (+30) 229 832 0200, 229 805 2210 / 3003
Health centres
   (+30) 229 805 3150
Port Authority
   (+30) 229 805 2279
Fire Department
   (+30) 229 805 3199
Police Station
   (+30) 229 805 2205