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Ilida or (Ilis) was a city-state of ancient Ilia, built according to Pausanias (23-26), on the left bank of the Pinios River, before leaving the mountainous hinterland, and flowing next to the gymnasium. Strabo (337) reports that he is flowing from Penios: “the river Pinios flows through the city despite the gymnasium”. However, both agree that on the left side of Penios: “they occupied a great deal of the various and open buildings intended for physical and physical exercise … the citadel of Ilidas, Zeus Ilis, (Homer Il II). 615) it is ancient and prehistoric … but the greatest glamor was occupied by Alice through intelligence, as she developed to the utmost the magnificence of the Olympic Games, she received a worldwide reputation. ” He writes in his book “Elijah Through the Ages” by George George Papandreou.

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