Welcome to Istiaia – Aidipsos!

Capital of North Euboea and its commercial center, is a town with a rich history. You will be charmed by its old mansions and its large squares, while some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, such as the Greek, the Canadadicas, the Ore and the Basilicans, are close by. In Kanadadika there are the Mikro and Megalo Livadi lakes that form a lagoon where a significant ecosystem is maintained.
Do not miss the Archaeological and Folklore Collection, the Hunting Association Zoological Museum, which houses exposed animals and birds of the area, the church of Agios Nikolaos with important hagiographies, and the church of Panagia Nainia outside the village.

   (+30) 222 635 0036 / 0319
Health centres
   (+30) 222 635 0100 / 0129
Port Authority
   (+30) 222 602 2464
Fire Department
   (+30) 222 605 5199
Police Station
   (+30) 222 605 2235, 222 602 3333