The Volos Port Αuthority is the first ever port in Greece pioneering in the corporate social responsibility industry by
cooperating with NGO Cigaret Cycle and actively taking part in the all-inspiring #gopafree recycling cigarette waste
program. Main sponsor and active supporter of this local cooperation is Istion Yachting ltd, the first ever yachting
related business in Greece with actual results and proven track record in the corporate social responsibility industry. The
#gopafree program consists of strategically placed cigarette waste bins in 5 given locations within the accessible area of

the port. Additionally, #gopafree recycle bins were placed at the entire parking zone, cruise passengers and staff-
accessible zones, at the surrounding location of the the University of Thessaly, right at the Heroes Tribute, as well as at the

church of St Konstantinos.
Cigaret Cycle CEO and co-founder Giorgos Sakellariou stated that: «The idea of recycling cigarette butts is a continuous
effort we are all trying to accomplish in a daily basis all over Greece. Today we are proud and happy to officially start this
program in the port of Volos, an area of high importance in terms of tourist and commercial activity. This would not have been
possible without the help of Istion Yachting who powers #gopafree, invited us to the port of Volos and supports our recycling
campaign by ensuring their entire fleet is #gopafree ready and well equipped as well as raising awareness to other ports of

interest. We really wish for this program to expand in Thessaly as well as the entirety of Magnisia. We hereby invite municipali-
ties and citizens to support this program with their actions as cigarette waste is affecting everyone and poses an increasing

threat to the environment».
Istion Yachting representative and Volos charter base manager Paris Zikos commented the following: «Istion Yachting
as a leading force in the yachting industry couldn’t overlook such a serious and responsible action towards the preservation of
our environment. We are extremely happy and proud that the port of Volos is the official starting ground of the #gopafree
program and we guarantee that we will support this cause and expand its reach to other ports of interest as well as to the rest
of our charter bases across Greece».
Volos port authority’s head of board of directors Vicky Mitrou asserted the beneficial elements of #gopafree to our
environment while the CEO Sokratis Anagnostou stated: «Through the implementation of recycling programs and through
encouraging solid partnerships and ventures such as the one with Gigarette Cycle, we as Volos port of authority management
officials aim to improve our overall quality of life by a small yet significant contribution in the bigger picture of preserving our
marine and terrestrial ecosystem».

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