Welcome to Itea!

“New” seaside town (founded in 1830), built on the edge of an olive grove, in a natural harbor. It is located 12 km southeast of Amfissa.
It is a tourist and commercial center of the area, with beautiful and clean beaches, has very good roads and many new buildings. Itea combines sea and mountain. So you can swim at the beach of the area, but also excursions to the green Parnassos, Delphi and the mountain villages of the surrounding area. There are many options for night entertainment. Itea hosts major events, such as the “Acropolis” rally, the “Olympion” and international swimming competitions in August. A festival takes place on the 6th of August, of the Savior.

   (+30) 222 135 5111 / 5112
Health centres
   (+30) 222 135 0100
Port Authority
   (+30) 222 102 8888
Fire Department
   (+30) 222 108 0631 / 0632
Police Station
   (+30) 222 102 2100