Welcome to Ithaki!

The port and capital of Ithaca, with picturesque streets and traditional houses, although most were rebuilt after the earthquake of 1953. It is sheltered in the bosom of a closed bay, in the middle of the island. At the entrance to the harbor are the ruins of the Venetian fortress, while the bay is guarded by Lazaretto, an old purgatory and Venetian prison, where the church of the Savior is located (1668).
The beaches of Tsiribe, Paliokaravou, Aetos and Loutsa are offered for swimming. By boat you will reach the shores of Gidaki, Mnimata, Skinos, Sarakiniko and Filiatros – most of them are pebbly.
The memory of Odysseus is widespread throughout the island, giving names to places such as: The Cave of Emma, ​​The Cave of the Nymphs, The Castle of Odysseus, Areteus Pigi and more. But also in restaurant specialties, such as Odysseus ‘meat pie, suitor’s dish, Penelope’s dish, Cyclops’ dish, etc. In Vathi there are all the options for fun. Cultural events take place from the 25th of August until the 5th of September, dedicated to the Odyssey and the Homer, and each May becomes a Theatrical Festival.

   (+30) 267 403 3481 / 2795, 267 436 0400
Health centres
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Port Authority
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Fire Department
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Police Station
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