Welcome to Kalamata!

The capital and port of the prefecture, known for its Kalamatian dance, its silk scarves, the dark black olives, the tasty oil, fig figs and its pastel. It is located northeast of the Messinian Gulf and spreads on both sides of the Nedona River, at a distance of 238 km from Athens. It is a modern city, with good infrastructure and winter-summer traffic.
Worth a visit is the Benakeio Archaeological Museum, the castle (1203), below which is probably the acropolis of the ancient Pharaohs, the Byzantine chapel of the Holy Apostles (1150) in the center of the old market (built by Emperor Andronicus) the fighters of the 1821 Revolution – on 23 March 1821 in the chapel was the first doxology in free Greek territory, after 400 years of slavery.
Also, in the old town you will see the Cathedral of Yapapanti Christos (19th century) – byzantine style, with the famous icon of the Virgin Mary – and the monastery of Kalogra, where the nuns weave the famous silk Kalamata scarves.
Among the old mansions of Kalamata are the buildings of the Cultural Center, the Art Gallery, the 60,000-volume Municipal Library, the Town Hall and the Conservatory. The Folklore Museum exhibits a rich collection of 1821 relics.
About 15 km east of the city you will find the monastery of Dimiova (8th century). The ruins of an ancient temple, the castle of Zarnata and the tower of Koumoundourakis or Koumoundouros are preserved in the village of Kambos.
At a ravine about 7 km from Kalamata, you will find the Mantra of Berga, a wall built by the Greeks in 1826 to prevent the advance of Ibrahim’s troops.

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