Welcome to Kamena Vourla!

Seaside town and famous spa town of Fthiotida, with remarkable thermal springs. It is 38 km from Lamia and 175 km from Athens. It is built at the foot of Mount Knimis, which rises overgrown behind the city. On the slope of the mountain, in a beautiful location with magnificent views of northern Euboea, is the Byzantine Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior, built in the 11th century. His paintings date from 1725 to 1757. Also worth visiting is the private collection of G. Karanassos, which includes coins, ceramics and bronze objects from archaic and classical times.
You will swim in the EOT’s organized beach and the extensive 3 km long beach from Kamena Bourla to Asproneri. You can also reach the beach of Glaros and Agios Seraphim at 6.5 km.
Unforgettable excursions to Mount Knimida – if you like hiking – and a visit to the village of Karya (15 km from Kamena Bourla), located in a verdant area, which locals call a balcony, thanks to the excellent view offers to the coast of the Euboean.
The healing springs of the Burnt Burners date back to very old times and are ideal for many diseases. There are two hydrotherapy centers with 200 baths of all categories. Heating facilities can also be found at local hotels. (info 22350 22324, 22093).
Kamena Bourla hosts folklore traditional and cultural events, lectures, open discussions, painting and sculpture exhibitions (outdoor or indoor), beauty pageants, fashion shows and more. Among them are the events of the Carnival, depicting the wedding of Rumelius and Easter, with the traditional baking of obelis. The festival takes place on August 6, by the Savior, and lasts three days.

   (+30) 223 502 2300
Health centres
   (+30) 223 502 2261 / 223 504 1661
Port Authority
   (+30) 223 503 1759
Fire Department
Police Station
   (+30) 223 508 9100