Welcome to Karystos!

Karystos is located 128 km south of Chalkida and is the southernmost port of Euboea. It offers the visitor a combination of mountain and sea. The healthy climate, the vegetation, the mineral waters and the clean sandy beaches are the characteristics of the city that Homer mentioned in his lyrics.
Built in the shadow of the imposing Mount Ochi and the renowned Cape Cavo Noro, Karystos has a unique charm but also many attractions, such as the City Hall building, the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas, the monasteries of Taxiarhos, Saint George and Saint Mary Archaeological Museum and the Yokaleion Foundation that includes museum halls, theater and libraries.
It is worth crossing the Demosari Gorge in Ochi, which starts from the top of Judas at an altitude of 1,386 meters and terminates on the Aegean side after about 10 km. The beauty of nature is unique. It is also worth visiting the beautiful village of Platanistos and swimming in its beautiful sandy beach, Potami.
Around Karystos are also the picturesque villages of Komito, Zacharia and Amygdalia. The trails and villages of Ochi are impressive. Apart from this there are scattered remains of antiquity: at Kylindri site above the Mill you will see monolithic columns, in Paleochora the Hellenistic period cemetery, in the village of Kokkalis the remains of the Hellenistic Acropolis of Karystos. In Kalyvia visit the cave of the Holy Trinity. You can swim in the nearby Psili and Megali Ammos beaches, while there are still some beautiful beaches nearby.
In late August through early September, the Municipality organizes a Wine Festival, which includes theatrical performances, a book fair, a bazaar, a press of grapes and plenty of free wine. Also important are the theatrical performances given by the Yokaleion Foundation each summer, with the participation of amateur actors.

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