Welcome to Katerini!

Capital of the prefecture, built on the plain between the Pierian Mountains and Mount Olympus. It is 439 km from Athens and 68 km from Thessaloniki.
Katerini Beach
Beautiful holiday resort, with immense sandy beaches and excellent tourist infrastructure, enabling guests to enjoy comfortable and enjoyable vacations: Comfortable accommodation in all types and categories, great tastes and impeccable service to restaurants and graphic shops a final drop in nightclubs and bars with foreign and Greek music. At the endless beaches of the beach, young and old will enjoy the sun and the crystal clear sea by swimming or playing water sports.

   (+30) 235 135 0400
Health centres
   (+30) 235 302 2222 / 2225, 235 135 0200
Port Authority
   (+30) 235 106 1209
Fire Department
   (+30) 235 103 6855
Police Station
   (+30) 235 102 3600