Welcome to Lamia!

It is the capital of the prefecture and is located on the southwestern slopes of Mount Othry, on the north side of the valley that Sperchios crosses. It is 215 km from Athens and 330 km from Thessaloniki. It is a transport hub and shopping center of the area. It is a modern provincial town with high traffic throughout the year and many shops. Characterized by its squares, each with its own distinctive character and a historical monument.
At the Eleftherias Square there is the Metropolis of the Annunciation, which was founded in 1861, at the square of Athanasios Diakos the cenotaph of Athanasios Diakos and at the square of Laos the equestrian statue of Mars Belouchiotis. What impresses the visitor is the castle, which stands on the top of a hill, giving a unique beauty to the city. Even more beautiful, it shows the night illuminated so that it can be highlighted. On the south side of the fortress is the post-Byzantine church of Our Lady of Arhontiki, built in 1760 on the ruins of an older church, which was destroyed by fire.
It is worth visiting the private collections of A. Plati and A. Kounoupi. The first includes pottery, books, photographs and manuscripts and the second includes pottery, sculptures, jewelry, folk art and weapons from the Revolution of 1821. Also the Folklore Museum, which houses a rich collection of objects of rural life. The representation inside the museum of the daily occupations of the residents is impressive.
Beautifully landscaped for walks and fun is the lush hill of St. Luke. If you want to get out of the city, you can take small excursions to Lianokladi where excavations revealed that there was a significant settlement in the Neolithic period. There is also the city’s railway station.
Take a stop at the historic village of Cobotades, at the foot of Oiti and next to Spercheios. In the village square, beneath the centuries-old plane trees, on April 18, 1821, the chieftains of the Eastern Solid Diakos, Panourgias and Diovouniotis met to confront Omer Bryonis and Jose Mehmet. 10 km north, on the road to Domokos, you will find the Monastery of Antinitsa, at 900 m altitude, on the slopes of Othry near the village of Dirvi. The old monastery was built in the 13th century, but was completely destroyed by the Germans in 1943. Historic is also the Gorgopotamos Bridge, blasted by Greek resistance fighters during World War II and was a powerful blow to the Germans. .
In May in Lamia becomes the Panhellenic Agricultural Fair, which includes cars, agricultural machinery, furniture, household goods, traditional products, electrical goods and more. Also, in the beginning of November, the municipality organizes “Fthiotika”, ten days of events that include theatrical performances, music by folk bands, traditional, modern, lectures, exhibitions and more.

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