Welcome to Lefkada!

The capital of the island is separated from the coast of Aitoloakarnania by an artificial channel and is connected by two bridges. One is movable, 25 meters, above the canal, while the other is much larger and passes through the lagoon with fish farms. Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town, with the sidewalks with arches, traditional houses with wooden inserts and old churches, and see the home where Japanese national poet Lefkadi Hearn lived. Relax in Bosquet Park, where the busts of great poets and men of Lefkada are. A long road along the sea ends at the lighthouse with the small square with coffee shops.
Visit the ruins of ancient Lefkada, where the remains of the theater and the wall and the churches of the Venetian era, Saint Spyridon, Saint Dimitrios, Christ Pantocrator, where the poet Aristotelis Laoterios and Baliotis are buried, are preserved. on a rock from the Agarinees where Apostle Paul taught.
Also, the Archaeological Museum with a rich collection of findings from excavations on the island, the Folklore Museum of the “Orfus Group” where faithfully represents the old Lefkadian house, the Public Library, with old manuscripts and books, and the Charamoglio Special Library with Lefkadiki books and publications about the island. For swimming in the city you will go to the old Gira beach with the old windmills, near the Castle. The road circles around it and ends in the sand, a white belt of sand that enters the sea. To the south of the city lies the crystal clear beach of Agios Ioannis: white sand, cool waters and the picturesque chapel of St. John of Anjouz under the pine trees compose the picturesque picture. Enjoy the magnificent sunset in Dibari, and from the castle of Agia Mavra and visit the village of Kalligoni built on the ruins of ancient Nirikos. There are many hotels and rooms to let in the city, while organized camping is available in Broken Vrisi.
As for nightlife there are many options. Don’t miss the Literature and Art Festivals, which take place every year in early August, at the Agia Mavra Fortress.

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