Welcome to Livadeia!

Livadia is the capital of the prefecture and a modern urban center. It is 120 km from Athens and is built amphitheatrically between two hills, on the slopes of the gorge formed by the crossing of the waters of the Erkyna spring.
It is worth visiting the sanctuary and oracle of Trophy Zeus on the hill of Prophet Elias, the Open Theater that is newly built in the Gorge of Krya and hosts cultural events every year, the clock donated by the Lord to Lord Elaine the Kotzambasians and Aghedians prevent the excavations made in 1803 at the Oracle of the Trophy and the Public Central Library, which is housed in the building of the Spiritual Center.
In early September there are cultural and leisure events, the “Trophies”, which last about 20 days. Easter is celebrated with great splendor and traditions, with roasting lamb on city streets, folk dances and songs.

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