Maritime tourism – a means of tourism growth against Covid-19

Angela Gerekou – President of Greek National Tourism Organization


Dear friends,

Greece is a maritime country that the past years attracted visitors according to the sea ‘n sun motive, and the other forms of tourism need now more than ever to get the attention they need.

Also, we now have to get over quickly and with planning, against the consequences of Covid-19 at the tourism sector as it’s a great field of the economy in our country.

In this direction our campaign for 2020, promotes the fact that Greece is a safe destination and the “Destination Greece – Health First” is our central message, to the well-respected international media, and internet platforms, as we address to the international audience.

At this effort maritime tourism is a special interest tourism form which has proven its ability to create profit for the economy and operates in harmony with the natural environment. Moreover, the maritime and sea activities are directly related to the quality of the natural environment and the waters.

That’s exactly the relation and our interest, as we promote the sustainable tourism development, namely the steady growth of visitors and profits simultaneously with the respect to the environment, which is a comparative advantage of our country.

It’s very clear that the Greek Government moved into actions and supported the tourism sector and our country achieved to have tourism flows according to the guidelines of the health experts, a fact that reduced a lot the economic loses and gave reputation to our country,

This is the value that guides us to the quick preparation for the next year in order to succeed to increase tourism flows to Greece at this difficult international circumstance.

We, the Greek National Tourism Organization as the official promoter of Greek tourism internationally, consider maritime tourism to be a lever of development, so we call for the next day of yachting, and in general for the holidays by boat.

We seek to record all institutional issues and create a specific strategy to promote the capabilities that exist for our visitors and to achieve this we work closely with all public institutions, the private sector and the Local Government.

In closing, I would like to point out that the Greek Tourism Organization stands side by side, to the employees and the companies of tourism sector, and that is why we seek the collaborations with all the actors involved in the tourism process, cultivating a new tourism consciousness that will lead us on the path of sustainable tourism development.