Welcome to Meganisi!

Meganisi is a Greek island and municipality immediately to the east-southeast of the island of Lefkada. The municipality includes the offshore islands of Skorpios and Sparti. The municipality has an area of 22.356 km2. Its total population was 1,041 at the 2011 census.

The island has three villages: the central village of Katomeri and the ports of Vathy and Spartochori. There is also a harbour at Atheni Bay used mainly by fishing boats. Meganisi is connected with Lefkada by a car ferry service from Vathy and Spartochori. Meganisi has a school, a lyceum (middle school), an ATM, churches and a few squares. The island has no secondary school, so pupils attend the nearby school in Nydri, on Lefkada.

Some researchers, including Wilhelm Dörpfeld estimate that Meganisi was the Homeric island of Krocylea, which was part of Odysseus’ kingdom.

   (+30) 264 536 1300
Health centres
   (+30) 264 505 1304 / 1032 / 1031
Port Authority
   (+30) 264 509 2509, 264 502 2322
Fire Department
Police Station
   (+30) 264 505 1406