Welcome to Megisti!

The only settlement on the island is in the harbor, with cute houses and picturesque restaurants on the pier, and stretches all the way back to Nifti. You will be impressed by the unique hospitality and warmth of its few residents, as most of its population are immigrants to Australia and Egypt.
The two-storey houses overlook the sea perched amphitheatrically on the slopes of the rock, while their colorful shutters and red tiles contrast with the blue sea, composing an image that immediately captures the visitor.
You will swim in the crystal clear but deep water in front of the Port Authority and the small port, Mandraki, with the beautiful sandy beach. By chartered boat you will go to the islands of Po and Stroggli, with beautiful beaches, ideal for swimming.
The islet of Po is known by the name of Poe, whose bust is in the area of ​​Chorafia of Kastellorizo. Po’s wife was Despina Achladiotis, the only resident to guard the island and raise the Greek flag every morning. She died in 1982, at the age of 92. Stroggili is a small island with unique inhabitants guardians.

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