Merichas – Port of Kythnos 

Arriving at Kythnos, the port of Merichas is the first sight of Kythnos to the visitor. Merichas is the main port of Kythnos, a natural and leeward port that accommodates the pier that docks ships arriving from the ports of Piraeus and Lavrio. Travelling to Kythnos from the Cape of Kavo D’ Oro towards the south and west Cyclades, the ports of Merichas and Loutra are among the first you will see.

Two main island routes start from Merichas. The first is an asphalt road leading to the capital (Messaria) and then to Loutra. The other, also an asphalt road leads to Dryopida and Panagia Kanala. Local transportation uses these two routes to shuttle people towards Chora and Loutra or towards Dryopida and Panagia Kanala.

Merichas belongs administratively to the local community of Dryopida. It is a settlement on its own, the 3rd largest in Kythnos, with 369 inhabitants, according to the 2011 census, after Messaria (806) and Dryopida (797).

Merichas - Port of Kythnos

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