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Capital of Aitoloakarnania Prefecture and symbol of freedom and independence. It is 224 km from Athens. In 1937 by legislative decree Messolonghi was proclaimed a “Holy City” for the invaluable contribution to the struggle of 1821, and in particular for the heroic Exodus of the Guard and its inhabitants, in April 1826.
The Exit Gate is the only gate saved from the old wall. A walk in the Garden of Heroes, at the entrance to the city, with the busts and graves of the heroes of the revolution and those killed in the siege is a tour of the city’s history. Outside the Garden is the chapel of Agia Paraskevi where on April 6, 1826, the temporary “steering committee” of the besieged city gathered and decided the Exit.
It is worth visiting the historic site Anemomilos, where part of the civilian population of Messolonghi was blown up along with Christos Kapsalis. The City Hall houses the Art Gallery and Museum, with manuscripts, paintings, maps, leafs of Mager’s “Greek Chronicles” and manuscripts by Lord Byron, in which a room in the museum is dedicated.
In Mesolongi, great Greek politicians such as Charilaos Trikoupis and Epaminondas Deligiorgis were born, as well as poets such as Palamas, Drosinis and Malakassis. You will see the restored Trikoupides mansion that has been transformed into a museum and the Palamas family mansion. The center of Messolonghi’s life and tourism is Lake Tourlida. On the beach there is a tourist booth of the Municipality and recently was awarded the Blue Flag Award. But at the port, the waters are clear. Impressive are the festivities for the historic Exodus of Messolonghi, with a representation and parade of local costumes and bonuses taking place on Lazaros’ Sabbath and the Bay of Sabbath. Also, in August cultural events are organized with the care of the Municipality.

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