Welcome to Messini!

A modern town, built on the west bank of the Pamisos River, at the bottom of the Messinian plain, the Homeric “Makar padion” or “Makaria”, as it is still called today. Pausanias in 150 BC she mentions it by the name “Limna”. During the Frankish period it was also referred to as an “Island” used by locals today.
It has withstood the challenges of the times and has managed not only to sustain its population but also to increase it. They played a leading role in all this: 1). the rich plains that consistently have increased agricultural production with dominant products: oil, olives, potatoes, figs, cheeses and wines; and 2). the beautiful and functional beach of Bouka.
In the center of the city there is a large park with palm trees, fountains and a refreshment bar. The ancient city of Messina is 20 kilometers away, which is preserved almost untouched by the mud that covered it and competes in the glamor and beauty of many of Greece’s most famous archaeological sites.
You will swim in the 20km-long golden sand beach of Buka, which has been awarded the EU Golden Star.

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Health centres
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Port Authority
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Police Station
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