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Capital of the island, with intense commercial and tourist traffic. The island’s largest port and international airport are located there. The city is built on the ruins of an ancient city, spread out on seven low hills. Its characteristic are the neoclassical mansions and traditional houses, which extend amphitheatrically along the beach.
The whole history of the city is around. In the Byzantine castle, which hosts cultural events in the summer, the building of the 3rd century. behind the Metropolitan Temple that is supposed to have been the boulevard of ancient Mytilene, the “House of Menandros”, a Roman period villa adorned with magnificent mosaics with themes from Menandros’ comedies, most of which have been transferred to A Yeni Mosque converted into an exhibition space in the summer, the Early Christian Martyrdom, a building carved in rock where the early Christian martyrs were buried, the home of Marika Blachos, whose ground floor has been transformed It has a museum with exhibits of traditional 18th and 19th century houses. and the Museum of Folk Art.
It is also worth visiting the city’s churches, mainly three-aisled basilicas, post-Byzantine or later, with baroque elements. Among them stands the Metropolis (17th century) with the Gothic bell tower, the Holy Theodore and the Holy Therapon, with the remarkable image of Evangelist John (15th century).
In the pine-covered area of ​​Tsamakia lies the EOT-shaped beach of the city with water sports equipment, while on the way to the airport are the beaches of Neapoli, Vigla and Kratigos. Mytilene is a vibrant and big city and offers comfortable accommodation and many options for fun all year round. In the area of ​​the harbor, in Fanari, you will find traditional fish taverns, as well as intense nightlife.
At the feast of the patron saint of the city of Agios Theodoros (mobile feast around the end of February) there is a great feast with celebration and music, while plenty of local ouzo will be enjoyed at the festival of ouzo, the first fortnight of August. It is worth attending the “Lesbian Summer” cultural events, which include theatrical performances and concerts held in the Castle.

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