Welcome to Nafpaktos!

Beautiful city with picturesque harbor, built amphitheatrically on a pine-covered slope. It is 42 km from Messolonghi. In recent years, Nafpaktos has been modernized with many new shops on the beach while maintaining its traditional style. The well-preserved Venetian castle, with its successive rows of walls at the top of the hill, is one of the most beautiful in Greece and a true ornament to the city.
In the castle there is the chapel of Prophet Elias, amidst lush vegetation. It is worth visiting the houses of the fighters of 1821 Mpotsari and Tzavela, the ruins of the temple of Asklepios in the Kefalovriso district and the abandoned monastery of Barnakova, in an exquisite location 20 km outside Nafpaktos.
You will swim in the magnificent Iani and Gribovo beaches – with golden sand, plane-trees, picturesque taverns and the EOT’s organized coastline featuring changing rooms, showers and water sports equipment – and the Thousand (11 km outside). city). You can also go to Monastiraki, a seaside village with a clear sea 12 km east, where you will find rooms to let in Platanitis (7 km southwest). Nafpaktos is a bustling bustling city with all sorts of fun.
In summer there is a rich cultural activity, such as the “Papaharalambia”, which includes sporting and artistic events, including performances of ancient drama in the magical castle. Also, celebrations and festivals take place on October 7, the day of the historic battle, on July 26 of Holy Friday and on October 26, of Saint Demetrius. You will experience the unique atmosphere of Easter, where on Friday all the epitaphs meet in the harbor, while the city lights are off and the fires are lit.

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