Welcome to Naxos!

The island’s capital, strikingly white, with its well-preserved Venetian castle on the top of the hill, wins the visitor with its simplicity. In our port we are greeted by the “Portara”, the gateway to the ancient temple of Apollo, a trademark of Naxos.
It is worth visiting the Church of Our Lady of Blacherniotissa, the Metropolis, dedicated to the Zoodochos Pigi, with important portable icons and carved marble iconostasis and the Archaeological Museum. The entire south side of Naxos is a vast golden sandy beach with fine pebbles, forming enchanting inlets, starting from Chora and ending in Alykos and Pyrgaki.
On most of these beaches you will find equipment for water sports, taverns and canteens. Quality international restaurants, picturesque taverns with traditional flavors, ouzo, cafes, bars and big clubs will amaze you with their variety, while many hotels, rooms and apartments in Chora and surroundings, as well as campsites in Agios Prokopios , Agios Georgios and Agia Anna will ensure your comfortable stay.

   (+30) 228 502 2717
Health centres
   (+30) 228 502 3333
Port Authority
   (+30) 228 502 2300
Fire Department
   (+30) 228 503 2199
Police Station
   (+30) 228 502 3280 / 2100