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The Tzoumerka Mountains, or Athamanic Mountains as they are called, are located in the Central Pindos section between Arachthos and Aspropotamos. Tzoumerka is the natural border between Epirus and Thessaly, as well as between the prefectures of Arta and Ioannina.
The area of ​​Tzoumerka can be divided into “Tzoumerka Arta” and “Tzoumerka Ioannina”.
It includes beautiful villages such as: Agnanta, Vourgareli, Theodoriana, Rodavgi, Melissourgoi, Kipseli etc. Also, some of the villages, such as Pramanta, Kalarrites, Syrrako, Baptist, Michalitsi, Paleochori, Kostitsi, Monolithi belong to the prefecture of Ioannina.
The Tzoumerka area is bounded on the west by the Arachthos River and south by the Arta Prefecture and east by the Trikala Prefecture. The main feature of the area is that it is located at the peak of the Athamanic Mountains with a maximum altitude (2,429 m), an area that forms a landscape with sharp fluctuations and many features that distinguish the gorges of Arachthos and Kalarritikos.
The local economy relies primarily on the primary sector with dominant sectors agriculture, livestock and poultry. The livestock-poultry farming of the region is mainly focused on sheep and goat farming. The list of livestock products, in addition to meat, eggs and wool, includes the production of honey and wax.

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