Welcome to Parga!

Beautiful beaches … a magnificent landscape in the green! This is a beautiful area with unique elements, tourist development and satisfactory infrastructure. It is 68 km from Preveza and is one of the most popular resorts in western Greece and the Ionian Sea.
Its narrow cobblestone streets, as well as the lush courtyards, are prone to romantic walks and enchanting nights.
The beaches of Parga are probably the best part of the Ionian Sea. Most are organized and attract thousands of tourists every year.
Of great interest is the local folk architecture with the two-storey and three-storey houses, the wooden balconies, the tiled roofs and the beautiful churches among them. Parga was known in ancient times as Paragiros, Paraguay and Yapargos from where its present name originated. It was acquired by the Normans, who built the fortress in the 14th century. and then the Venetians and the Turks. During the Venetian occupation it enjoyed significant privileges, enjoyed economic prosperity and was a bridge between the Turkish-occupied Greece and Venice.
In 1797 it passed to French rule and in 1814 to English. The English sold it to Ali Pasha and the Parginians fled to Corfu (1819) and returned years later to their place when the time of liberation came, February 23, 1913. Interesting is the Ecclesiastical Museum, where are exhibited ecclesiastical relics, vestments, gold-embroidered epitaph.
Visit the islet of Panagia, opposite the beach of Parga, by swimming or by boat. You will reach the scenic Baltos beach either after a 15-minute hike or by boat sailing to the coast of Parga and reaching the river, near the antiquities of Acherousia.
Baltos Gialos is one of the most beautiful seascape of Parga. Beautiful beaches ideal for swimming are still Kryoneri, Lichnos and Sarakiniko.
Finally, by boat excursion you will go to the picturesque port of Paxos Gaios. Don’t miss the “Canaries” in August, depicting the burning of the Turkish flagship by Kanaris. A big feast is set up on Easter Thursday in Parga Square.

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