Welcome to Paros!

Cosmic, hospitable, picturesque, whitewashed… Charming Paros, a true gem of the Aegean Sea, is characterized by its beautiful pebbly beaches, its golden beaches, its paradise blue waters. At the taverns you will taste the famous “fur”, in its bars you will spend the night until morning, in its seas you will enjoy the sports you love, soaring your adrenaline! Thinking of something better for a vacation full of powerful experiences? And of course, in its capital, Parikia, you will be fascinated by the great monument of the Virgin Mary of Ekatontapyliani!

   (+30) 228 402 1200 / 1222
Health centres
   (+30) 228 402 2500 / 2502
Port Authority
   (+30) 228 402 1240
Fire Department
   (+30) 228 402 5199
Police Station
   (+30) 228 402 3333