Welcome to Pilos – Nestoros!

Pylos or Navarino is a picturesque town built amphitheatrically, at the southern end of the Bay of Navarino.
On the west side stands its proud castle, called Neokastro (1572), to be distinguished from the ancient castle located in the northwest and is called Paleokastro. Neokastro is one of the most beautiful castles in the Peloponnese, with a circumference of 1,566 meters and inside it is the temple of the Transfiguration of the Savior (Gothic style), built by the Franks. In the central square of Navarino you will see the imposing monument of the Three Commanders, who sank the Turkish-Egyptian fleet on October 20, 1827.
At the top of the city, lies Paleokastro, built on an ancient building dating from the 4th century. BC from the Franks in 1278. The exterior imposing wall and its few towers are preserved in good condition. On the historic island of Sfakteria, located on the bay of Pylos and used to be the theater of historical battles, you will see the monuments of warriors and generals killed in the battle of Sfakteria, the monument of the Italian philhellenic Santaroza, the cenotaph of Tsamnados Sahachinos and Tsachadinos. Also, the tomb of Prince Paul Bonaparte, Napoleon’s nephew, who was killed in Frigate Ellis in 1827, and the tomb of Maye, a French officer who was buried there after the naval battle.

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