Welcome to Preveza!

Capital of the homonymous prefecture, has unique beaches, as it is on three sides by sea. The view from the city to the Ionian Sea is spectacular and its beaches are full of trees. The city is built on the last tip of a cape that closes the entrance to the Amvrakikos Gulf, creating a kind of picturesque lagoon in combination with the magnificent magnificence of Epirus. Preveza is 426 km from Athens (via Piou – Antirrio) and 496 km from Thessaloniki.
Visit the three Venetian castles of the city (Pantocrator, St. Andrew and St. George), where you will have a panoramic view of the city, the church of Agios Charalambos with its beautiful iconostasis and the church of Agios Athanasios, with its impressive. Of particular interest is the Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis, which houses valuable excavations and the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art with ecclesiastical relics and portable icons. as well as Poloi, in the center of the city, a Venetian monument with remarkable architecture.
For swimming you will go to the beaches of Kiani Akti, Psathaki and Agioi Apostoli in Amvrakikos gulf, while on the Ionian side you will swim in the beaches of Alonaki, Kalamitsi, Mytikas and Monolithi. Stay on the Ionian beaches until the afternoon where you will enjoy the beautiful sunset. Also worth a visit to the beautiful riverside village of Louros.
Interesting are the summer cultural events, the “Nikopolia”, which take place in the ancient theater, the Balkan Folk Dance and Music Festival and the International Choral Festival, the first ten days of July, the first Sunday in July. the sardine feast, also in august. The last Thursday of Carnival is the Women’s Carnival.

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Health centres
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Port Authority
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Fire Department
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