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According to tradition, it is the ancient city of the mythical Patra. In the historical course of Greece, from the earliest times until today it has always played a dominant role in shaping historical conditions and every corner of it has its own historical reference and memories. The capital of Achaia prefecture and the largest port in the Peloponnese, Patras is one of the most important commercial and public transport hubs in Greece and attracts thousands of visitors each year.
Architecturally it is a diverse city with large squares and arched downtown buildings. Split into the Upper and Lower Towns, it starts from the beach reaching the Castle. The old town, at the foot of the Castle, largely retains its character and has several neoclassical houses, while in Lower Town there are several mansions in good condition.
It’s worth visiting the Apollo Municipal Theater, the Hermes Trade Association building, designed by Ziller, the Roman Conservatory (160 AD), the most beautiful Roman building in the Agios Georgios Square area, and the Agios Agios Agios Patras church. , which is one of the most magnificent in the country. Inside the church there are Byzantine icons and a section of the Cross where the Apostle Andrew is tested, as well as the chariot of the Saint.
Also of interest are the Byzantine Church of the Pantocrator, the largest municipal library in the country, the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Folk Art, the Center for Speech and Art, the Municipal Gallery, the 14th Monastery, the Gerokomou Monastery. .) the Old Monastery and the monastery of Agios Nikolaos. You will also see the Hammam, the Bari rafters, the picturesque staircases of Gerokostopoulou, Agios Nikolaos and High Alonia, the Milichus Bridge, the Dasilyl, the Roman Nymphaea, the old Municipal Hospital, a neoclassical building.
Patras is the capital of Halloween celebrations. Its carnival brings together people from all over Greece. The grand parade of tents on the last Sunday of Carnival is the culmination of events that begin forty days in advance. The biggest religious celebration is on November 30, which is celebrated by patron saint Andreas. Another custom that revives in Patras is the “Barraava trial” on Good Friday in High Alonia, after the orbit of the Epitaph.

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